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My name is Jorge Cabrera and I am a teacher at High Tech High International. I am creating this donation account in order to raise money for college day.

College day is a really important day not only for our schools, but also for our students. Many of our students are low income and never actually get to visit a college before they apply. In fact, most students will not apply to a college because they never got the chance to visit. Every year my goal is to take students outside of San Diego because we can and will visit schools in the area at any time. Most of our students never even get the chance to leave San Diego on a vacation, much less to visit colleges.

This year most of our seniors in my advisory would like to apply to the University of Arizona as well as Arizona State. The cost for us to go will be $250 a person. As I mentioned before, this is a large amount to ask from families. I would love take my advisory and my seniors here on a lifetime experience and give them the opportunity to visit the college of their dreams as well to get the opportunity to travel with the advisory. My advisory would be forever grateful l for any donations made. Please help us make this trip a reality. Our low income families do not have the opportunity to take their students to visit a variety of colleges. The more we spread awareness about college importance, the more likely the student will apply and go.

Thank you,

Jorge Cabrera