David  Visser
David Visser's Fundraiser

Skateboarding project on the Visser/Casciato/Jacob team at HTMNC

Help us in our goal to create meaningful, engaging, and equity based projects for our students.

$210 towards $800

In this multidisciplinary project students will be learning about skateboarding and positively impacting our community at a local level as well as reaching out to others to spread the gift of skating. Several products from this project will include:

  • 2D skatepark plans to redesign local skatepark so that it could be more beneficial to the community
  • 10 Skateboard decks to be donated to an orphanage that has shown interest in skateboarding
  • 56 Student created skate decks showing personal identity
  • Skateboarding flip books that show the physics of skating
  • Skateboarding obstacles to be used in skate elective at HTMNC and orphanage

Each student will be shaping and designing their own unique skateboard deck that they will get to keep after the project is completed. The cost associated with each board is $25 per student, yet all students are able to participate regardless of ability to pay. If you would like to contribute beyond the $25 it it will help us to buy several different items needed to complete our decks including spray paint, griptape, sand paper, as well as several other key items to complete the project.

We will also be making several complete skateboards to send to an orphanage that has shown interest in skateboarding, yet they don't have access to high quality skateboards like the ones we are creating. If you are willing and able to donate it will be extremely beneficial to this project and our goal of spreading the joy of skateboarding.

Help us continue to provide the best educational experience for our students at HIGH TECH MIDDLE NORTH COUNTY.

Just a small donation will go a long way to helping us meet our goal.