Jesse  Robinson
Jesse Robinson's Fundraiser

Support the High School Stem Cell Lab

My students need serological pipettes, growth medium, reagents, and gloves to continue their important research on live mouse stem cells.

$445 towards $1,000

Join me in supporting students doing authentic cutting edge science at the High Tech High Stem Cell Core Facility.

The High Tech High Stem Cell Core Facility was started in September of 2017 by a group of senior high school students. The mission of the stem cell core is to use stem cell research to cure disease and help the world. The lab is currently supporting fifty students and twenty-four different research projects that use one of three different mouse cell lines: a mouse stem cell line that differentiates into myocytes (muscle cells), a mouse stem cell line that differentiates into adipocytes (fat cells), and a mouse prostate cancer cell line.

In order to continue with our experiments and keep our stem cell lab running we need pipettes, growth medium, and gloves

The cells that we are culturing will be used in student experiments such as testing the effect of hydrocortisone on prostate cancer growth or testing the effect of estrogen on fat stem cells.

Just a small donation will go a long way to helping me meet my goal for the HIGH TECH HIGH Stem Cell Core Facility.