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HTH Mesa athletics programs enrich our students' lives. HTH is dedicated to the continual improvement of its athletics programs in service of our student-athletes, and school communities. In keeping with our design principles, HTH high schools have a no-cut policy, and every student has the ability to join and participate with our athletic teams.

The realities of school budgetary constraints continue to be our greatest obstacle in HTH Athletics. There are a significant number of athletics expenses that cannot be met by our schools. Our athletics program is not funded by any source within the school district or any other means.

Our athletics program is by and large funded by the donations of our families, friends, supporters, and fundraising efforts that we are able to support. Without these generous contributions, we would not be in a position to offer or grow our various program offerings.

We would deeply appreciate a donation in support of our sports programs. There is no contribution too small. Donations may be earmarked for a particular sport or the athletics program in general (unrestricted). Such contributions would go toward covering the expenses of equipment, field use, jerseys, officials, CIF fees, transportation, and other fees and costs related to the sport. For those who are interested, we also have sponsorships, monthly options and different ways to help facilitate any donation.

No matter how you come out to demonstrate support for our teams, and your students and friends – whether in driving to events, coaching, providing snacks, cheering in the stands, or donating to the program in other ways -- we want to take this opportunity to thank you for your generosity and support of our athletics programs. When we all work together, our programs will grow to new heights and provide the outlet that will propel our student athletes to the next level, fostering their physical and mental development, their drive and tenacity, and the team building skills so central to our work.

Please help us continue to provide a robust sports program for our student athletes, and donate today if you can. We truly thank you for your support and donations!

Michal-Lynn O'Kelley
Director of Athletics & Wellness