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Fundraising for the 2nd Annual CV Zine Festival

Join me and help make a difference, please give today.

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

$325 towards $1,500

Our Project

The Chula Vista Zine Fest project is designed to incorporate our two 11th grade core classes: Mrs. Nuvia's Biology class and Mrs. Hood-Esparza's Humanities class.

This project is founded on three guiding questions:

  1. Historically, has the U.S. responded to all people's basic and social needs? Is not meeting people's basic and social needs and injustice?
  2. Is there a correlation between a teen's brain health and how their basic or social needs are met or unmet?
  3. Are teens revolutionizing how mental health is being talked about in the U.S?

In order for our team to answer these core questions, we will be creating these following final products:

  • Every student will fulfill a specific role in producing the 2nd annual Chula Vista Zine Fest. Students must show consistent commitment and work ethic in their chosen production role.
  • Groups of 4-5 students will create a professional quality zine that advocates a positive message of their topics. It will contain content that supports their message of the social issue, while keeping intent of advocacy.
  • Students will also write a thesis-based persuasive essay that accurately uses evidence, commentary, and a counter argument in support of their zine groups.
  • In addition, students will also create and exhibit a professional art piece relating to their social topic for the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego's exhibition.
  • Lastly, students will design and create an advocacy workshop which will be exhibited during the zine fest to present social justice issues.

Current Support:

To design a professional quality event, we are partnering with the creator of the Tijuana Zine Fest, Luisa Martinez. Ms. Luisa will act as professional consultant on the production of our art pieces, suggesting ideas and giving artistic insight. She will support students in reaching out to the zine community to participate in design workshops, critique sessions and exhibit at the fest.

Our class is partnering with the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego for this project. The museum will support us in the creation of our zines and art pieces, while hosting a public space for students to display their work.

We are also partnering with experts in the fields of developmental biology, cognitive science, and neuroscience. Scientists will visit our classroom to deepen students understanding of brain health. Students will discuss with scientists how basic and social needs promote healthy development of the adolescent brain.

Students in the process will contact an advocate/expert for their topic to interview and request professional critique of final products. Students will use quotes from expert to support their persuasive essay for their social topic. Prior to exhibition the advocate/expert will critique persuasive essay to be published in zine.

Why we need donations:

We need donors to be able to afford the venue, materials, professionals for our project. This is why we value your esteemed donations, parents and collaborators of this community. Please support in order to make the 2nd annual Chula Vista Zine Fest come to fruition. By supporting us, you are supporting a voice in the community.

We will be exhibiting at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego on April 18th, 2019. Our 2nd Chula Vista Zine Festival is on April 27th, 2019 at Art on Third. We hope that you will be able to support us and to see you at our exhibitions!