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Send HTH MEChA To Attend The National Conference


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Thank you very much for taking your time for giving us an opportunity to attend this conference. Any form of contribution will support this lifetime experience for our 1st gen to college students.

This very special event we, as HTH MEChA would like to sincerely attend is very important for our empowerment as 1st generation youth. We are excited to announce our plans to attend the National MEChA Conference at UC Los Angeles. We will be leaving on Friday, March 29 at 6:00 am and coming back on Sunday, March 31 at 6 pm. The goal of this trip is to be able to have a better understanding of MEChA's values and who we are. During the trip we plan to bond and grow a connection with the community and our culture. We hope that this trip won't just be educational but also a bonding experience for those of who go!

The UCLA Mission of MEChA National Conference Platform presents the following mission:

"The 26th Annual National Conference coincides with the 50th Anniversary of MEChA and we intend to celebrate the lasting legacy of our organization, one built on values of self-determination, youth empowerment, cultural consciousness, and political activism. While we recognize that in the past, our organization has displayed prejudice on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, race, skin color, class, and nationality, among other facets of identities, we now commit to consciously working to dismantle the personal biases that we may hold, and the systems that institutionalize them in order to make our organization, and our world, more inclusive and accepting of all people."


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